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The Ang Dating Daan considers this as highly irregular and for a Secretary of Justice to be doing this, DOJ appears to have become personal and justice owned and franchised by some selected citizens. Eliseo Soriano by Daniel Veridiano alias Puto. The preacher had excommunicated the complainant from MCGI way back in for raping some 14 of his subordinates, and misappropriating church funds for personal use. Before some 70, members gathered in a week-end thanksgiving in Apalit, Pampanga, and several thousands more in 6 continents, the preacher explained on June 23, over satellite that he cannot issue any statement to a current case, otherwise risk himself to the sub judice rule. As recorded in the court case, these incidents had been denied by Bro. Manarang, the Provincial Prosecutor.

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How many hours do we consume in front of our mirror to make sure we are pleasant as we want to see by others? Okay, minutes — if really in a hurry, right? From tip of our hair down to our foot, we are ensuring we are perfectly pretty-handsome before we left the mirror in our wall. Agree or not, this is the real scenario nowadays. Ensuring that they are pretty-handsome in the eyes of Almighty Creator is the most important to them by following the doctrines of Christ.

So when a Christian woman face the mirror material mirror , the spiritual mirror will tell her this:. Posted in Ramdom Thoughts Tagged Bible , bro. I never thought that day will come I will dress long skirt that I hated ever since. When I enter college, I opt to change my green skirt to green pants for I am comfortable on it and no one disagree in our attire. Simply because when you are in jeans, it is easy for me to walk, to run and to ride in a bus, unlike long skirt, it quite difficult.

Aside from the fact I am not a girly-type. Eli Soriano, I immediately follow without hesitation.


I saw the difference between my old religion and now. Everything is in the Bible so you will really believe. Sometimes, I watch on TV, and sometimes I hear the teachings through my husband. I just filed a leave to be baptized.

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Ang Dating Daan boycotts giant TV network GMA, Bro. Eli decries harassment

I am an ex-Ang Dating Daan Member self. As a woman, i am not allowed to cut my hair, wear pants, wear fitting tshirts, wear makeup. All are not allowed drink alcohol and even watch movies on cinemas. Edit: I have been receiving a lot of hate messages recently. Looks like members took time to create accounts and flood me :. Also someone asked if I lived in Apalit?

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Apalit, Pampanga Philippines. Serbisyong Kasambahay extend its arms as many fellowmen gains trust to present themselves, voluntarily surrender , but seeks the programs help to ensure their life and not end up being killed. Within just 3 weeks since the program started, 6 drug dependents had present themselves personally to surrender. Kuya Daniel asks why him, they said that they are afraid of their lives because many drug addicts are being killed in their place. One of the oldest problems that every country is facing now is drug addiction.

As the Philippines welcomes its new president, President Duterte, is doing everything to bring down the drug lords and its protectors.

Women in Islam and Muslim Realms: Dress Code

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Eli, referring to the biblical passage in John Eli then warned against forgiving sins that are against God. Those sins against you. Eli explained that offering forgiveness, as well as showing mercy and kindness, are important so that one may achieve forgiveness from the Almighty. To a guest in Dubai asking about his marriage-related sin prior to hearing the true gospel, Bro. Eli, at the start of the program, reminded guests of his manner of answering questions. To be as truthful and faithful as possible to the words of God in the Bible, he said that he will be frank, and there will be no sugarcoating of answers just to appease or please any group or belief.

The International Televangelist asked attendees present to have an open-mind and understanding, and clarified that he is not attacking other beliefs when preaching.

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The Ang Dating Daan Chorale of the Members Church of God International (​MCGI) bagged a Guinness World Record title, “Largest Gospel Choir,” on October.

He was baptized on December 23, along with more than 1, men and women, young and old from all walks of life and from different faiths. A Catholic for more than 68 years since being baptized as an infant, he only took about two weeks to decide to jump ship and followed the Old Path for the Salvation and Eternal Life promised by the Holy Father through Jesus Christ. It was not surprising, for he had been primed to embrace a new faith after his disappointment over how his former church had neglected and continues to neglect the spiritual needs of her faithful for the more material ambition — making money.

Carrying the cross of the Lord — His teachings – every day is a tough task. But it cannot equate with the pains and tribulations Jesus suffered on the cross to redeem us from our sins so that we could inherit Heaven in the end and be with the Holy Father as we enjoy an eternal life. Salamat sa Dios!!! WE Christians do our best to do good works for the sake of Jesus Christ. Above all, we do this to praise and honor God because we love Him. And since His rules are holy, they cover all goodness that manifest in Him.

His laws are just and are holy. This means the husband will work hard to earn for the upkeep of his family, do his job well at work so he will earn the praise of his employer, will not go night out with his buddies for a night-long drinking and women. And most of all, he will never find or look at another woman and thus, commit adultery. He will never leave his family for another woman not because of his children but Jesus.

Newly Baptized Testimonials: February 29, 2016

On Friday 7 January , Anne Frank confessed her love for a boy she had been smitten with for years. She had first set eyes upon him in school in , and they had been ‘inseparable’ for a whole summer, walking hand in hand through their neighbourhood in Amsterdam, him in a white cotton suit, her in a short summer dress. He was ‘tall, slim and good-looking, with a serious, quiet and intelligent face’. He had dark hair, brown eyes, a slightly pointed nose. Anne was ‘crazy about his smile’, which gave him a mischievous air.

at the Ang Dating Daan Convention Center in Pampanga. You can wear many things, but if you want to dress skimpy clothing, you’ll.

The small Brazilian dancer, now dressed in all white, danced with his fellow Teatro Kristiano brothers and sisters, to the delight of audiences. In my mind, I thanked God for this boy and his parents — I thanked God for their dedication and effort. The brethren then sang trilingual songs of praise to God, often pausing to clap their hands after a song has ended, to show their appreciation for such hymns that give joy as well as spiritual reminders.

I was weeping and the only thing I could do was disguise my sobs into pretend yawns. She was still looking at me with concern, and so I gave her a small smile to assure her that I was alright, as I wiped away my tears. And as the night deepened, and the topic came to a conclusion, we once more knelt in prayer to the Almighty Father whose mercy and love were made all the more apparent once the God-given topic was concluded. A few hours more and the first day of the International Thanksgiving was about to begin.

If I could just explain to the lady that my tears were brought upon by a realization hitting me, and the old familiar feeling at the pit of my stomach welling up, uncontrollably, making me see how unbelievably lucky I was.

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