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In geocaching, you use a GPS Global Positioning System receiver to navigate to a “geocache” – a hidden object or natural feature. Started in , geocaching is a growing outdoor recreational activity that combines physical activity, technology, the outdoors and the thrill of exploration. It’s an intergenerational, low impact, healthy activity that promotes natural heritage learning. Check Geocaching. Natural and recreational areas, including Alberta’s parks, are used for geocaching adventures. There are more than 1, geocaches in the provincial parks system, with requests for additional cache sites continuing to submitted. Check the map below for geocaches in Alberta Parks. Updates are done annually so the map is accurate as of the last data synch.


Geocaching is essentially an outdoor treasure-hunting activity, enjoyed by both adults and children. Geocachers use a Global Positioning System GPS receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called geocaches or caches, anywhere in the world. In fact, there are probably some nearby to where you are right now!

Geocaching is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the landscapes around you, whether rural or urban. You then bring along your GPS device with caches points downloaded on to it or Smartphone with relevant app downloaded on to it.

Geocaching is a treasure hunt using a GPS enabled device to find a geocache near your home, city, the bush, anywhere in the world. Beware it can be addictive​!

The health, safety and well-being of our staff, volunteers and the community remain our highest priority. Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, and then share your experiences online. More information about geocaching is at www.

Physical caches include a logbook, note for the cache finder, pencil and family-friendly trade items small objects left in the caches for geocachers to trade with one another – such as toys and key chains. These items are placed in airtight, weather-resistant containers. Another type of cache is an earth cache, which highlights an area’s unique natural features. Geocaching is allowed at ten Grand River Parks.

For your safety, and for the health of our properties, please seek permission from the park superintendent and fill in a permission form before hiding a cache. Download our permiss i on form that includes our geocaching policy list of parks and contact information PDF. Browser Compatibility Notification.

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Geocaching is an excellent activity for any age or skill level. Participants use a GPS or an app to find containers called geocaches, or caches, utilizing specific coordinates. Geocache coordinates are found via www. Whether the cache container is as common as an ammo can or disguised as an ordinary rock, you are sure to be taken on an adventure and learn various things along the way. Geocachers sign and date the log, exchange trinkets and place the cache back exactly where they found it for the next geocacher to find — happy hunting!

Beaver Lake State Park.

GEOCACHING WORKSHOP This workshop is designed to teach you the basics of geocaching using your DATE: Thursday, September 17,

We investigate the features, attitudes, interests, and motivations that characterise the German geocachers. Two anonymous surveys have been carried out on this issue in the year We conducted a large-scale qualitative general study based on web questionnaires and a more targeted study, which aimed at a comprehensive amount of revealed geocaches of a certain region.

With sample sizes of study 1: general study and study 2: regional study we provide a representative basis to ground previous qualitative research in this domain. In addition, we investigated the usage of technology in combination with traditional paper-based media by the geocachers. This knowledge can be used to reflect on past and future trends within the geocaching community. This work presents a study of the geocaching community in Germany in the year We are aware that there are 7 years between the data collection and the date of the publication.

This paper reports on a contextual survey of the geocaching community in Germany in Geocaching as an activity has moved a lot since Technology has moved a lot as well. We strongly advise to read this paper in the context of technology of the year and also interpret the results in this context.

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The individual tl1en posts tl1e GPS coordinates along with a description of tl1e cache on a Geocaching. Web site. Otl1er individuals then try to find tl1e cache.

This lists the logos of programs or partners of NG Education which have provided or contributed the content on this page. Powered by. Geocaching is a type of global treasure hunt of people looking for cache s, or hidden stashes of objects. Geocaching may also be described as a series of hide-and-seek games, where hiders provide online clues for seekers. Seekers use global positioning system GPS devices to find hidden caches. Caches are the hidden treasure. After registering online, geocache rs look for coordinates the longitude and latitude of caches.

Caches have two or three parts: a waterproof container, a logbook to list the people who visit the cache, and sometimes a low-cost trinket or geocoin. Geocoins are metal medallions made by individual geocachers or organizations. Like other cache items, geocoins are not worth much money. Valuable objects, food, or other items that could be easily damaged are not allowed in geocaching.

Although caches can be hidden as false rocks or behind real ones , they are not buried.

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After you tell her you want to go for a walk, she puts her shoes on and finds a mysterious note scrunched up inside there…. Following that you give her the title of Head Adventurer and an iPhone with a map to follow — the rest is a surprise for both of you! This date is almost like a movie script — a little bit of mystery, a joint challenge, some romance and a mega exciting finale! All over the world people hide treasure chests called Geocaches then post the GPS location online so anyone can go exploring for it!

The easiest way to find one is to download the Geocaching app on your phone. If she likes breaking a sweat on her dates — just choose a Geocache with a high terrain difficulty score.

Apply for a permit to place a geocache. All written approvals will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of approval, unless otherwise stated.

Our Voice. Geocache Placement Application. Geocaching Guidelines Any person wishing to place a geocache on NPCA lands must receive a letter of written approval from the NPCA prior to any placement All written approvals will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of approval, unless otherwise stated. This includes no placement of nails or screws in trees All geocachers must also follow and use existing trail. Geocaches may only be hidden within 1 metres of the trail.

Off-trail hiking is discouraged as it negatively impacts the environment The geocache owner is to monitor the site monthly and maintain family friendly contents. In such cases the owner will be required to move the cache to an alternative location under a new letter of approval, or remove it The geocache owner will remove all geocaches upon expiration of the permit. Any geocaches found without a permit will be removed by park staff If any terms of the approval are violated, the permit will be voided and the owner requested to remove the cache.

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Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enable devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache container hidden at that location. Find all the caches, complete this passport and receive a prize! CO2 Saved:. Carbon Offset:. Savings to Date:. Total Gen:. Total Generation:.

A Large-Scale Quantitative Survey of the German Geocaching Community in 2007

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When you find the geocache, write your geocaching name, the date, and any Once at home, log into the Geocaching site and go back to that geocache page.

A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and sometimes a pen or pencil. The geocacher signs the log with their established code name and dates it, in order to prove that they found the cache. After signing the log, the cache must be placed back exactly where the person found it. Larger containers such as plastic storage containers Tupperware or similar or ammunition boxes can also contain items for trading, such as toys or trinkets, usually of more sentimental worth than financial.

Geocaching was originally similar to the year-old game letterboxing , which uses clues and references to landmarks embedded in stories. Geocaching was conceived shortly after the removal of Selective Availability from the Global Positioning System on May 2, , because the improved accuracy [4] of the system allowed for a small container to be specifically placed and located. Within three days, the cache had been found twice, first by Mike Teague.

The geocache and most of its contents were eventually destroyed by a lawn mower ; the can of beans was the only item salvaged and was turned into a trackable item called the “Original Can of Beans”. Groundspeak allows extraterrestrial caches, e.