TLC pounces on ‘Extreme Cougar’

That’s Hattie. She’s is a year-old woman who loves younger men. She said the youngest man she had ever slept with was And then there is Stephanie, a year-old woman who is dating year-old Octavio, and year-old Jude and year-old Kevin, who decided to have a commitment ceremony. These brave women agreed to lay out their unusual love lives in a daring TLC show, “Extreme Cougar Wives,” a reality special showcasing cougar-cub relationships. In the Nov. But cougar-cub relationships are increasingly common. There are cougar conventions, cougar dating sites — it’s a growing niche.

Jeraldine Saunders, Whose Book Begat ‘The Love Boat,’ Dies at 95

Joe McCoy is convinced his hometown has deliberately muzzled him because of his support for Donald Trump. As yet another sign of the current E-Edition Subscribe Login. Toggle navigation Menu. Among the attributes for which New Hampshire is best known — shimmering lakes, the earliest presidential primary, helmet-less motorcyclists — producing participants in reality television is not one of them.

However, there have been a few over the years.

Extreme cougars follows the lives of woman who date men that are extremely younger than they are. One women was 56 and she got married to a 21 year old​.

The hour-long special is being made for the channel by Stiletto Television, and is slated to air November 25 at 10 p. Among them are Hattie, a year-old chasing after year-old Andrew; Stephanie, a year-old dating year-old Octavio; and Jude, a year-old dating year-old Kevin, who she first met when he was dating her daughter seven years ago. Mark C. Grove, Garry C. Kief, Troy P. Queen and Fiona Kennedy serve as executive producers on the special. Realscreen title, tagline and logo are trademarks of, and the events are produced by Brunico Marketing Inc.

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New Hampshire couple to appear on TLC’s ‘Extreme Cougar Wives’

By Kate Storey. The network aired a special in November featuring three women who were dating men decades younger, including one year-old New Yorker who never dates men over the age of The special did so well for TLC — 1.

‘Extreme Cougar Wives’: TLC Special Follows Older Women And Their Younger Men (VIDEO). External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and​.

Couples therapy. Why Are We Watching Them? There is a year age gap between them, with Jane the elder of the couple. How Did They Get Here? They met at a course offered by the Landmark Forum, an organization that has been described as cultlike. They started dating not long afterward and have now been married for several years. Jane got Andrew involved in her Civil War reenactment hobby, which is fine. What Have We Learned?

Why Are We Watching Him? How Did He Get Here? Steve uses 40 pounds of explosives to blow up a truck and then cackles over the degree of destruction he wreaks.

TLC Tackles the World of Extreme “Cougars”!

Proving that love knows no age limits, the TLC specials take you behind generational lines for an inside look into these cougars’ dens. With their young cubs by their side, these women prove that the multi-generational dating scene is alive and thriving. While friends and family may disapprove, these vivacious women keep living life the way they want. Meet the cougars: Jane – age 59, lives with her cub in their eclectic San Jose, California home.

She met her husband Andrew, 27, five years ago and they found a shared perspective on life. Once their relationship began, there was no stopping them.

According to TLC, Bradley met her husband, year-old Kevin Herrera, seven years ago while he was dating her daughter. Three years ago.

Jude, 53, met her boyfriend Kevin, who is 32 years her junior, seven years ago when he was in a relationship with her daughter. And today they are inseparable. The Real Cougar Woman is a 5-carat diamond who knows the importance of taking care of her health, beauty, relationships, finances and spirituality. These days, many celebrities are having children at older ages and making it seem easy and the norm, but such a feat is not without significant risks.

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‘Extreme Cougar Wives’: TLC Special Follows Older Women And Their Younger Men (VIDEO)

She was Edward Lozzi, her longtime spokesman, said the cause was complications of kidney stone surgery she had in December. She was a model as well as an author; a practitioner of numerology and palm reading as well as an astrologer.

Extreme Cougar Wives follows three women and their much-younger beaus who Meanwhile, Stephanie is dating a year-old hunk Octavio but can’t help by.

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TLC sets up “Extreme Cougar Wives”

Meet the “Extreme Cougar Wives. In the November 25 special, viewers will meet year-old Hattie, year-old Stephanie and her year-old beau Octavio, and year-old Jude and her year-old lover Kevin. Hattie loves the younger men and meets year-old Andrew while going for a swim at her hotel pool. Octavio’s friends are too comfortable with his widowed lover, according to TLC. Jude met Kevin seven years ago when he was dating her daughter. The two say they are committed for life, but Kevin hasn’t told his family, including his mother, who is younger than Jude.

Extreme Cougar Wives is back on TLC tonight and next Wednesday at p and Our society is OK with older men dating women half their age, but we still.

Hattie, a year-old cougar, has been dating younger men for more than 20 years; Stephanie, 65, lost her husband unexpectedly and has since sworn to date only younger men; Jude, 53, has fallen in love with her daughter’s junior-high boyfriend. Source: TLC. Black Clover Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church and have been inseparable since. As childre. The Witcher Based on the best-selling fantasy series, The Witcher is an epic tale of fate and family.

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